Our Visit to Ridgway


This past month, Lemon & Lou was lucky enough to visit the town of Ridgway, Colorado for a fun event! We had the opportunity to do a book reading at Ridgway Elementary for the students and teachers of the preschool, kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade classes--around 80 kids in total. It was a hit!

L&L Ridgway CO Post - M&Kids.jpg

After the reading, the students asked some wonderful questions, like why did you choose to write about a corgi, and how many days did it take to write the book (over 1,400!). We feel very grateful to have been asked to read for the students. The staff was welcoming, and the kids were respectful and filled with curiosity. Thank you so much Ridgway Elementary!

L&L Ridgway CO Post - M&CountrymanKids.jpg
L&L Ridgway CO Post - M&Teacher.jpg

This also marks a special moment for us, not only because it was a great reading but because we were able to give our first book away through our Make-A-Friend challenge! Thank you to our Make-A-Friend book buyers. Know that you are making a difference. If you want to learn more about this challenge, follow this link!

Thanks again Ridgway! Never stop making new friends!
-The Creators