Our Adventure In Japan


Last week, we arrived back home in Chicago after two full weeks in Japan. It was an amazing trip! We honeymooned there back in 2016, and we were fortunate enough to make the trip again this year for our two-year anniversary. We did lots of sightseeing, ate tons of wonderful food, and returned home feeling encouraged and inspired.


On our trip, we of course saw many wonderful shrines, temples, and special places, but it was what we saw in the interactions between people that perhaps inspired us the most. Its well known that the Japanese culture is one filled with respect, but even though we’d visited before, it still surprised us how much everyone respects each other. There is a general sense of inclusion in Japan, and a greater awareness for what’s around you, be it people, animals, or a public space. There’s a respect, almost a reverence for nature as the public space. Every individual seems to have a connection to the greater society, and it results in clean streets and helpful strangers.


We came away from our trip with a taste of this respect, and a desire to incorporate it into our lives. The inclusion and respect of others are important parts of friendship. We’ve found inspiration not only for an upcoming book, but also for the greater mission of Lemon and Lou. We’ve seen more of what it means to be a friend, to go on adventures, and to look out for the world around you.

Never stop having adventures!
-The Creators