FINALLY! It's Here!


We've finally made it!
We've finally done it!

Our website is live, our book is on sale, and we are officially ready share this piece of our hearts! We are co-creators of a series, co-owners of a business, and now even prouder partners of a marriage! We started this journey more than four years ago, with just an idea and a hope that someday it could be realized. We've spent these past years drawing, writing, redrawing, rewriting, exploring, more redrawing, and learning what it truly means to be successful children's book authors. We've worked so hard towards this goal for so long that it's almost frightening now that we've reached it! Lemon and Lou have been a part of us for so long, and we're so honored and excited for you to share in their adventures!

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We are so grateful for everyone that has helped us along the way. Every friend or family member who read our story, everyone who gave us advice, everyone who encouraged us or wished us luck. To all of you who've done any of this, thank you. You are a part of this story, and every story to come, no matter how small you think your words of encouragement might have been. Thank you, so very much. We hope our stories come to be an important part of your lives as they have for ours.

Spread the friendship and the Magic!
-The Creators

Tierra NovyLemon & Lou LLC.