Our Story


The Origin Story

After moving into their first apartment together in Chicago, Michael and T wanted to decorate. They started by hanging empty frames, and T worked on illustrations to fill them. The first was of two Corgis playing golf. The second was going to be a levitating magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat--but at the last second, T changed the rabbit to a Corgi puppy instead.

While brushing his teeth the next morning, Michael suddenly stopped and exclaimed, "We need to write a children's book!" That day they went to the beach and wrote the first draft of The Magician and His Man, now known as Lemon & Lou: A New Tuxedo.



The Creators' Story

Michael & T met during their early college years with a fiery start after the apartment adjacent to Michael's caught fire, smoking him out and leaving him temporarily homeless. T's best friend and roommate told Michael that he could stay with them--subsequently uniting the two future creators.

T is a fine artist and illustrator. Since 2013, T has been exploring her Japanese lineage and the culture nearly lost due to the internment of her maternal grandparents alongside 127,000+ Japanese-Americans during WWII. Simultaneously, while designing for Chicago theatre productions post-college, she discovered her love of children's theatre. It offered an undoubted creativity that parallels the spirit found in Japanese folk tales. www.tgnovy.com

Michael never grew out of world-building, writing stories, and day dreaming (thank goodness!). After college, he spent two years as a dog walker where he gained a greater appreciation for living in the moment. A dog's life revolves around simple pleasures: happiness, comfort, and being well-loved. It is through the simple things, desire for a stress-free life, and actively seeking to promote wellness that Michael began practicing Shiatsu. Outside of writing stories, putting on funny voices, and playing every day, Michael is practicing Shiatsu full time.