Make-A-Friend Challenge

Make-A-Friend Challenge


One book is shipped to you and the second book will be put on hold for the next child in need or library to be donated on your behalf. If you would like to include a personal message to the your new friend (book receiver), please fill out the form: "A Letter to a Deserving Child."

Free Shipping on orders over $30.00! That’s two or more books!
Use code: FREESHIP30 at check out.

Orders shipping to the EU, UK, or Australia have a lead time of 12-15 business days. Expedited shipping is an option. Please contact us to find out more about expedited charges.

Select quantity 1 to buy a book for yourself and a child in need! 

*Please note that all forms are reviewed before being donated to ensure the message follows the values of the creators: to make friends.

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